N E W S !


An update with my upcoming commissions:


  1. Stabat Mater for choir, soloists & orchestra (South Carolina University-USA)
  2. St Matthew Passion for soloists choir & orchestra (Helsingborgs pastorat – SWEDEN)
  3. Prelude, Aria & Finale, revision on Toccata (from Triptyche) organ solo (USA)
  4. Lux Mundi, three movements, Faith, Hope & Love (ENGLAND
  5. Two Motets for choir a cappella in Swedish: 1. Saliga de som hungrar och törstar. 2. Var gång ni äter det brödet
  6. Version for organ, choir, soloists & organ of REQUIEM ( Premiered in both Germany & Sweden
  7. New version of the St John Passion in English (originally in Swedish)




The German premier of my new setting of Requiem

with organ is coming up at Stiftskirche Tübingen, Germany

on July 5th, 7 pm:




Listen to the world premier of:




A new commission signed with The English Baroque Choir

& The London Nordic Choir.

“Lux Mundi” for mixed choir a cappella in three movements

to be premiered in 2020!




A Dutch premier is coming up at the International

Organ Festival in Breda, Netherlands.

It is my Organ symphony in 6 movements:


be performed on June 21st in Grote Kirche, Breda

by the concert organist Aart Bergwerff.






World premier on a new version of my Requiem where the Organ replaces

the Orchestra. Helene Stureborgs kammarkör with Sofia Niklasson, soprano solo

and Philip Björklund, baritone and Bengt Tribukait, organ.

Conductor is Helene Stureborg

May 26th at 4 pm (Free entrance) 2019 in Högalidskyrkan, Stockholm


Ragtime for organ is soon to be published.

Here in a lovely version by the English Organ Scholar Dewi Rees

performing at Jesus College, Cambridge 






En upcoming world premier commission

in San Francisco with the Golden Gate Men’s Chorus

who will premier “Ascension” for a 8-16 parts a cappella

during two concerts at Mission Dolores Basilica, SF

With the attendance of the composer himself!




A world premiere by Nazareth College Woman’s Chorus

on the commissioned piece: “Peace in our time”

on April 14th, USA. Brian Stevens, conductor




A Swedish premier of “My soul doth Magnify the Lord”

at Karlstads cathedral:



New edition out on Cantando!

SYMPHONIA AURORA BOREALIS for organ solo with an optional soprano part

It’s my largest work for organ, 6 movements and a performance time of 40′



Won a prize from the Norwegian Publishers in the category:

“2018-years breakthrough in Classical music”

It was handed out at a prize ceremony in Oslo on February 27th



Fantastic reviews after my latest world premier: “Seek him” for mixed choir

a cappella performed by Cappella SF & Ragnar Bohlin conductor.

Read more!








New recording of Missa Brevis for mixed choir a cappella!



A German premier of my largest organ work

is taking place at Stiftskirche, Tübingen on December 29th:

“Symphonia Aurora Borealis” in 6 movements

with prof. Jens Wollenschläger, organ and including

The soprano soloist Christine Reber who also sang

three songs: “In the bleak Midwinter, “Best du bei mir”

and “Pie Jesu”. Great reviews!




Upcoming world premier in Sweden:

“A Cradle Song” for female chorus (SSAA)

Commissioned and to be premiered by

Helsingborg’s Vocal Ensemble on December 12th!




American premier on my St John Passion in USA!

On November 9th in Cincinnati 

New CD is coming up through my Norwegian publisher

Cantando. “Perspectives” it’s called and takes the listener

through a range of different styles, combinations and expression

that is kind of the idiom of the music of Fredrik Sixten.

We’ll keep you updated as soon it is available as hard copies or

for download and streaming!




Two world premieres during one weekend:

October 6th in Stockholm where the motet 

“I din nåd” (In thy mercy) will be premiered at Nacka church.

and on October 7th in Tübingen where the motet

for double mixed choir, “Lobet den Herrn” (Praise ye the Lord)

will have it’s premiere on the ongoing Bach-festival.




Listen to Magne H Draagen

performing my Variations for organ

at the Köln Cathedral, Germany




A fresh interview in the new edition of the

International Choral Bulletin







The American organist James D Hicks

will premier a brand new piece: Nordic Variations

based on an Icelandic folk tune at Tromsø Arctic Cathedral,

Norway, on  June 12th, 2 pm, following two more performances on

June 13 & 14th, at 2 pm.




On May 24th there was a premier for

my music on Cuba with Coro de Cámara Entrevoces

and Digna Guerra, conductor

Iglesia de Paula, Havana





The new Common Book of Prayer for the Church of Sweden

will be inaugurated this Pentecost. I’ve written

a whole set for the Mass which is included




Broadcast on Swedish Radio of my biggest work

for organ: Symphonia Aurora Borealis




On April 22nd my Requiem will be performed at Nidaros Cathedral

in Trondheim, Norway. It’s the famous Boy’s choir with soloists 

(Hilde Gjermundsen, soprano & Christian Valle, bass) and members

of the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra (TSO) under the direction of

Bjørn Moe who will do the performance!



Listen to an awesome video with

“Variations for organ” which I composed back in 2008.

The Cathedral organist of Nidaros cathedral, Magne H Draagen

plays at the huge organ at Stavanger Concert Hall, Norway.




This season there will be several performances of

my oratorios including; Requiem (in both Germany and Norway & USA),

St John Passion & An Oratorio of Mercy in Stockholm, Strängnäs, Sweden



Upcoming premier at the Opera House of Hannover:

A Hymn of Hope

commissioned & premiered by Mädchen Chor Hannover

on January 14th.



The famous boys choir of Nidaros will perform

my Requiem on April 22 – 2018 at Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway.

The same piece will also be performed in Germany in March!



2 brand new CD´s with my music included:

Tango for organ (Aart  Bergwerff, organist)

Prelude et Fugue (Organ Party III) Kevin Bowyer, organist







I´m elected as one of the composer’s of the critically

acclaimed ORA singers Advent Calendar with a new carol

each day until Christmas eve.

My contribution: “Mary’s Lullaby” (23/12).

The Advent Calendar will be broadcasted in Europe,

Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Russia and other countries.





The Church Parliament (Kyrkomötet) decided

on November 22 to approve a new liturgy

for the Church of Sweden to. A liturgy where my

music is included as one of 5 different series of music.




New CD with my Organ Symphony:

Symphonia Aurora Borealis:



Performed by Dr James D Hicks, USA





The upcoming premier (Oct. 29) of my latest oratorio:

“Ett nådens oratorium” / “An oratorio of Grace”

is presented through a short video with English subtitles:


(© Video by Anders Gustafsson, Östersunds parish, Sweden)




A new dutch recording of my Tango is presented

by Aart Bergwerff on an upcoming ned CD. Read more!





Edition Peters present a brand new piece:

“A Spotless Rose” for mixed choir a cappella.


A Spotless rose HSK – video performance!


Buy link USA    Buy link Europe




Walton Music-USA  presents a new collaboration

with my Norwegian publisher, Cantando.

Starting with a new edition (sub publishing) of “Behold the Lamb”

for SATB – a cappella!






New CD out with Madrigachor Kiel

performing my setting of “Ave Maris Stella”.

Conductor: Friederike Woebcken

Buy here!





The upcoming world premiere on my Organ Symphony,

commissioned and performed by Dr James D Hick´s

will take place on July 10th at Lund´s Cathedral. Later

the same month it will also be performed at Västerås (15/7)

Cathedral and Strängnäs Cathedral (19/7) and in August

at Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim (15/8) where it also will be

recorded on an upcomig double CD – Nordic Journey vol.VII.



Another wonderful performance of my piece Alleluia

By the Sprague Choirs,Oregon. Conductor: David Brown.




New commission from Toneheim folkehøgskole

which has 170 singers. It´s a large setting for

up to 8 parts, a cappella.



New commission for mixed choir, organ & strings

made by the Choral singers association of the

diocese of Karlstad. To be premiered in October.

Gud, vare lovad (God, be praised) with lyrics

by Martin Luther.




Vandaleers Concert Choir performs

Jubilate Deo at Carnegie Hall, New York

April 9th! Mike Murphy, conductor!




3 performances of St John Passion, in

Strängnäs cathedral, St Maria in Helsingborg,

Säffle Church  and in Mora church a

performance of St Mark passion this coming

season in Sweden.




Upcoming: Magnificat for brass ensemble

organ and mixed choir in Germany.




Great reviews from the latest performance

of my Concerto for 2 pianos and Orchestra

in Miami, Florida.


Read the review!




The world famous BBC singers will perform

“There is no rose of such vertu” on a concert

at St Paul’s Knightsbridge, London. The event

will also be broadcast live! December 21st, 2 pm.




World premiere on December 14th of

Te Deum for double choir a cappella

at the Royal Court and His Majesty the King




Two new choral pieces on Edition Peters:

Sicut Cervus  and Salve Regina

both for mixed choir a cappella




Great review on the CD-recording of St John passion!




Here is yet another version of Alleluia for mixed choir

with a choir from Nashville, Tennessee during a choir festival Oct. 24th



A big oratorio in connection with the Martin Luther jubilee

in 2017 is commissioned by Östersunds parish, Sweden.

It´s scored for choir and orchestra and to be premiered

in October next year.




The famous girls choir of Hanover, Germany has commissioned

a new piece: “Hymn of hope” for their spring season 2017!




A new brilliant version of Alleluia for mixed choir

on YouTube:




Time for an European premiere of “Seek Him” in Hanover, Germany this coming weekend. It´s a collaboration between Camerata Vocale, Hanover and Charis Chamber Voices, New York who commissioned the piece.


Plakat Seek Him


Fantastic reviews of OPERA W in The Swedish Radio

and Svenska Dagbladet (The Swedish Daily News)

“A stunning Wallander in Ystad”


Skärmavbild 2016-08-16 kl. 11.05.38


Another great reviews on the Swedish premier on Opera W:


Skärmavbild 2016-08-14 kl. 14.44.30



on August 13th at 7 pm at Ystad Music Theatre. 

They same cast as in Tübingen, Germany with Philippe Amelung as conductor.

Then there are 6 more shows on 14/8, 16/8, 17/8, 19/8, 20/8 & 21/8.






Good reviews on the Opera-W


Review 1


Review 2



The world premier of my full length opera:




is taking place on July 15th in the Concert Hall

of Tübingen, Germany.




Two additional performances on 16/7 and 18/7.

In August it moves to Sweden and Ystad Theatre

with 7 performances between August 13-21.




New Edition on Cantando:

“Rejoice”  for SSA, trumpet and organ

Commissioned by Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway

Premiered December 6th, 2015 by

Nidaros Girls Choir, Anita Brevik conductor




A new commission for Helsingborgs Vocal Ensemble

for a world premier in the springtime of 2017 called

“Peace in our time” for SSAA a cappella.




An upcoming premier this coming weekend of the

commission by Charis Chamber Voices, New York

and Camerata Vocale, Hannover.





And here is an interview with conductor Arthur Sjogren:


1. Give a very short background to your collaboration and
about you and the ensembles?
Hans-Dieter and I have been friends for over 40 years. We both studied together with Eric Ericsson in Wien. It was natural for both our choirs to come together for this collaboration. Charis is a volunteer choir by audition, which has featured many contemporary composers from many countries.

2. Why Fredrik Sixten, there are many composers out there to choose from?
I have been following Sixten’s music for several years. Both of my choirs have performed several of his compositions. My personal favorite is “There is no Rose”. Sixten writes so well for the voice but also has a fine sense for form. To me structure is very important, it is what holds a piece together. All his sonorities are well founded in the voice not just on the piano. He also exhibits great originality.

 3. What can you say in general about the work and your experience working with the piece?

“Seek Him” is the most extended composition that we have done by Sixten. It is probably the most difficult of his cappella pieces. The more we have worked on this piece the more the singers are liking it. I have to say it has been a struggle to get it learned. As with all his compositions the structure holds the piece together very well. There are some very exciting moments in the piece which also reflects the text so well.




Latest news about the upcoming world premier

of my OPERA W – The Truth Beyond!



An upcoming world premier in USA on July 2nd and 3rd. It’s a commission by Charis Chamber Voices and Camerata Vocale, Hannover, Germany: “SEEK HIM” for SSAATTBB a cappella.




Excellent reviews on my Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra which was

premiered on May 20th at Merkin Concert Hall, New York, USA.

Read the review!




A New upcoming edition on Edition Peters of my piece for mixed chorus a cappella.




New commission by Duke University, North Carolina, USA.

A Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis for mixed chorus & organ

to be delivered at 1st of October 2016.






A newly commissioned choral piece “Pål, sine høner”

will be premiered together with a new

version of “Sicut Cervus” in San Francisco on May 15

by Cappella SF, Ragnar Bohlin, conductor.




A big composers portrait is taking place

at the Bodensee-festival & St Nikolai kirche,

Friedrichshafen in Germany on April 24th at 7 pm.

Several organ works as “Prelude, Choral Varié et Finale”,

The Chaconne for string quartet, Song of Songs, Psalm 98

and Christ is risen for choir and organ.

A cappella pieces such as “Behold the Lamb”,

“Ave Verum Corpus” and others. Organist and conductor is

Nikolai Gersak.  The composer will conduct the pieces

with choir & organ.




A new huge organ commission by Dr.James D Hicks:


This will be included in his series of “Nordic Journey”

and premiered during 2017!



You can easily take part of all the present volumes

so far in this increasing series of CD records.


New video out on Youtube of

“O Sacrum Convivium” performed by

Lund’s vocal ensemble and Ragnar Bohlin, conductor.



New piece published on Cantando!





Get the score!


Listen to an amazing performance of ALLELUIA

for mixed chorus:

The piece is published on Edition Peters. Get the score!


Interview and presentation on Swedish National Television

of the Opera W project! WATCH!

and from the University of Tübingen: WATCH!



Tickets for the World premier in Tübingen

is now on sale! TICKETS!

Tickets for the Swedish premieres of Opera W

in Ystad is now on sale:  TICKETS!






A Festival of Contemporary Music is held at

the University of Tübingen on February 5-6 in

Germany. My upcoming Opera W- the truth beyond

will also be presented publicly and with a press

conference together with the producer and conductor Philippe Amelung and the author of the libretto, Klas Abrahamsson and the Stage Director Julia Riegel.

My Cello sonata and Three songs for baritone and

piano together with Canticle of the Sun for two

sopranos and organ are scheduled.


NEWS – 2015


Video of the world premier on

“The Fleeing Child, is Jesus”

Lyrics by Emil Skartveit!



World premiere commission

by the Nidaros Girl´s choir on 

November 29th at Nidaros Cathedral Trondheim:

“Rejoice!” which is scored for trumpet solo, organ

and choir (SSA)

In context with the inauguration of the new

choir organ the leading cathedral organist;

Magne H Draagen, perform the second movement

of my Triptyche at the concert the same evening.




 Three world premieres on:

“The fleeing child is Jesus”

in German (Hannover 19/11)

in Swedish (Örebro, 29/11)

in Norwegian (Stavanger 29/11)




On November 19, 7 pm, in Auferstehungskirche

Hannover, Germany,

The “Junges vokalensemble” and Klaus-Jürgen Etzvold,

conductor, will premier “The Fleeing Child is Jesus”

Lyrics by Emil Skartveit. A Christmas Carol for our time!




A world premier commission (2 performances) took place


November 14, at 7:30 PM at All Souls Episcopal Parish, Berkeley,

it was a huge success with an enthusiastic audience!

The second “premiere” will take place on Saturday,

November 21, at 7:30 pm

at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, San Francisco.

The International Orange Chorale of

San Francisco. Conductor, Zane Fiala.

Read more about the event!




A Carol for our time!

Now published and available for purchase at Cantando 



New version of “The Song of the star”, now in a setting for male chorus. Available on my Norwegian publisher Cantando

Watch a performance by OSEP (Symphony Chorus – Sao Paulo-Brazil) and Ragnar Bohlin – conductor


Thomanerkor from St Thomas cathedral, Leipzig, where Bach used to work will perform my Ave Verum Corpus on November13 & 14th at St Thomas cathedral, Leipzig Germany.



A brand new commission from

The Girls Choir of NIdaros Cathedral

and the inauguration 
of the new choir organ in December this year.
“Rejoice!” for Choir (SSA) Trumpet and Organ.


A very honourable commission

from the Swedish Royal court.

The Prince Carl Philip is to marry his Sofia

in June and on May 17 they will have a service

at the Royal Chapel for where  a new choral piece

was commissioned .


The piece is called “That Day” and the lyrics

are from the Old Testament.

Will soon be published on Cantando!


New Commission from New York!

A concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra.

Commisioned by SONOS Chamber Orchestra

and their artistic director: Erik Ochsner.



On March 14th there will be an

American premier on Magnificat

for choir, organ & brass.

Pacific University in Tacoma, Washington. USA.

It will be possible to follow the

performance live through streaming

video. Go here to read more about the event.


The second performance of St John’s

passion in Linköping’s cathedral March 1st

got very good reviews. Read the review here!

New collaboration with the Norwegian

publisher Cantando. 6 new releases in January!



Press release


New commission for organ!

Dr. James D Hicks has commissioned

a Nordic Fanfar to be included in

the upcoming CD recording at Kalmar Cathedral.


This year there will be a lot of premiers.

13 performances of St John’s passion,

commissioned by 13 churches around

in Sweden. The very first one will be

on February 15 in Nacka church, Stockholm.

On the same day in Karlstad they will

premier “Sicut Cervus” for mixed choir a cappella.

An American premier of “Magnificat” for mixed

choir, brass and organ will take place in

Seattle on March 15th.


NEWS 2014

A world premiere on a commissioned

piece: “Prelude, Choral varié et Finale”

took take place on December 7th in Gävle,

Holy Trinity Church. Per Ahlman, organ


Sofia Vocal ensemble, Stockholm, includes

“O Magnum mysterium” in their concert on 

December 7th in Sofia Church. The concert

will also be broadcast on December 21st as an EBU-

concert all over Europe.


The famous boys choir of the Nidaros cathedral

programs “There is no rose” on their German tour

to Berlin as well as Christmas concertos in December

at Nidaros cathedral, Trondheim.


A brand new arrangement (commissioned) of my own

setting of “In the bleak midwinter”

for wind orchestra and chorus will be premiered

at the University of Lafayette, Louisiana, USA.


The world famous vocal ensemble: Chanticleer

commissioned 2 pieces for their seasonal Christmas

concert series from coast to coast in USA.

“There is no rose of such vertu”


“Rose of roses”

Chanticleer & Me


Read more about Chanticleer Christmas tour 2014 here!


Held a lecture for the church music students

at the College of Music in Malmö on November 14th.


The Finnish chamber choir Det Kampin Laulu,

Kari Turunen, conductor made the Finnish premier of

A Spiritual for peace in Helsinki Cathedral on October 14th.


The American organist James D Hicks makes a tour in Sweden

between October 5th -12th. Among several works he performs

Toccata & Fugue on B.A.C.H beginning at the great

Ruffatti-organ in Uppsala cathedral ending up at Kiruna church.


A new commission for a setting of the St John passion
by 10 churches in Sweden. Premier during springtime 2015
It’s scored for mixed choir, 4 soloists, wind quintet and organ.


Cappella SF and conductor Ragnar Bohlin
just recorded a new Christmas CD (release in November 2014)
containing two works by me:
“There is no Rose of such vertu”
“The Song of the Star” (World premier recording)
Two brand new commissions with the world famous
vocal ensemble: CHANTICLEER, San Francisco
for they annual Christmas concerts between
December 11-22 :11 concerts around the Bay area-USA

In New York on the 5th and 7 th of December.

 It´s now possible to buy the score of Alleluia

for mixed choir a cappella on
Edition Peters, German website
Edition Peters, English website


Two new organ commissions!
Trio Sonata commissioned by Dr James D Hicks
and Prélude, Choral Varié et Finale by
Gävle Pastorat and the organist Per Ahlman.
The latter one will be premiered on December 7, 2014.

Sofia vocal ensemble has recorded Unforgotten on
their upcoming CD, “Förvårskväll”, to be released on June 30th.
The piece was originally commissioned by the
Vancouver Chamber Choir and premiered in the fall of 2011.
It´s released on the label Convivium records
Read more!
The piece was originally commissioned by the
Vancouver Chamber Choir and premiered in the fall of 2011.


A new commission for an Opera called “W”.
Based on the Swedish author Henning Mankell´s detective
Kurt Wallander. The premier
will be in both Germany and Sweden 2016.

A brand new CD “Capriccio” with the famous Brittish organist:
professor Margaret Phillips is out.
It contains Prelude et Fugue which I composed
in 1986 in the memory of Maurice Duruflé.
You can order it directly from her through this


A new video on Youtube with James D. Hicks
performing the fugue from Toccata & Fugue
on B.A.C.H
from the forthcoming CD
where also Arioso and Tocata Festival
are included. Watch the video here!
A world premiere of the new piece Alleluia
for mixed chorus a cappella is given in Germany by
the Junges vokalensemble and in USA by the Xavier
University choir on April 26
Watch the premiere on Youtube!

and on 27 in Sweden the premiere is made by Stockholms
Chamber choir and Helene Stureborg, conductor
at Immanuels church in Stockholm, April 27

A big presentation of my organ music in the prestigous
organ magazine: The Diapason was released in their
April volume.
Read more and get your own copy here!


New commission by Karlstads Motettsällskap (Motet Choir)
celebrating their 70 year anniversary. Sicut Cervus
for mixed chorus to be premiered June 8 2014


New contract with Edition Peters. Alleluia for mixed
choir with premieres in both Sweden, Germany and USA
later this year.


Good review on the world premiere of “A Spiritual for peace”
Read the review from San Francisco Classical Voice
Read the review!

New commissions for this year is A Spiritual for peace
with the new ensemble in San Franciso: Capella SF and the conductor
Ragnar Bohlin.
Read more!

Västerås Chamber choir has commissioned a new work:
Salve Regina for choir a cappella to be premiered in March.

Lunds Vocal ensemble is one of Sweden´s best choirs.
On March 23 they perform O Sacrum Con Vivium
at a concert in the University in Lund.

James D Hicks, organist from New Jersey, releases three CD´s
during this year where the following works by me is represented:

Passacaglia for organ
Lamentation for organ
Toccata & Fugue on B.A.C.H
Toccata Festival for organ
The Canticle of the Sun for two sopranos and o for organ

James also performes Toccata and Fugue on B.A.C.H
at a major recital in Boston, Massachusets in February.
Professor Margaret Phillips has made a new organ CD
to be released this year with a recording of my
Prelude et Fugue

NEWS 2013


Three performances of A Swedish Christmas Oratorio in December
with Helena Ek as soprano solist.
7/12 Fors Church, 8/12 Färila Church and 14/12 in Eskilstuna, Kloster church

Toccata & Fugue on B.A.C.H
is nominated for this years best edition of chamber music by the Swedish publisher´s association!
Read more!

REQUIEM is now on sale and you have many options to get
a copy, here are some alternatives:








Massimo Nosetti, organ professor in Turin, will perform
Variations for organ at an organfestival in Turin, Italy
on September 30

The famous organist James D Hicks from New Jersey, USA
have just pulled through a hugue recording project on
three different organs in different cities in Sweden.
Among the works he has recorde are several by me as
for Passacaglia and Canticle of the sun
and other pieces.

A brand new piece “For jeg er Herren” (Norwegian language) for
Chorus (SATB) and organ. Premiered in Nidaros cathedral
Trondheim on the 25th of August.

New editions during september on Gehrmans:

Ett senapskorn for choir (SAB) and piano
Nunc Dimittis and Magnificat for choir (SATB)
and organ. The world premiere took place on June 16th in
Dunedin, New Zealand.

The world fameous organist, Kewin Bowyer, Glasgow, performs
Prelude et Fugue at Konstanz organ festival, Germany
in August.

for organ is commissioned by
Dr James D Hicks who makes the world premiere
at Turku Cathedral, Finland on July 23, 8 pm

Toccata & Fugue
on the theme B.A.C.H is now
published on Gehrmans and for sale:

Buy it!


Requiemis set to be released on September 11 through NAXOS

Preorder here!

The commissioned piece Let there be for
the San Francisco Symphony Chorus in 2010 will now
get several performances in June, in both Germany and Norway.

Read more!

Listen to the Finnish Choir Kamarikuoro Kampin Laulu
performing There is no Roseat a competition for choirs.

New CD of Requiem to be released with
The Swedish Radio Choir, The Nordic Chamber Orchestra
and Ragnar Bohlin as conductor. More info in a near future!

Two distinguished organist’s performs my music:

Professor Margaret Phillips: Communio & Postludio from
Missa Misteriosa at the conclusion of a conference of the
British Institute of Organ Studies, London and at an organ festival
in Eskilstunda, Sweden
Read more!

Professor Hans Fagius: Variations for organ
on two recitals in Örnsköldsvik and Härnösand, Sweden

Read (in Swedish) an interview with me
from the magazine “The composer”

Three performances of A Swedish St Mark Passion
in Karlstad, Nybro and Härnösand this year!

Eric Ericson Chamber Choir and Nacka Chamber choir
will perform Jubilate Deo and
Ave maris Stella at a concert in Nacka Church
February 19, 7.30, in Stockholm

I´m invited for a lecture on my muisc for choir
in Stockholm during a festival called “Jubilate”
on February 1.

Dr.James D Hicks is on a tour in Sweden
performing organ music from Nordic lands
in Västerås, Härnösand, Eskilstuna and Skara
during January in preparation for an upcoming
CD-project. Among the works he is playing
is Passacaglia, Toccata and Fugue on B.A.C.H
and Toccata Festival.

A magnificent performance of A Swedish
Christmas Oratorio
will take place
in Stockholm on January 5 at Sofia Church.
Sofia Vocal ensemble and chamber orchestra.
Bengt Ollén, conductor.

NEWS 2012




A new YouTube video with Epilogue
for cello and piano posted in the memory
of all victims who died in the horrible massacre
in Newton, Connecticut.Watch & Listen!

‘Twas the night – Christmas concerts in
Davies Hall, San Francisco.
Members of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus
and Orchestra perform In the bleak Midwinter
especially arranged for this occassion with
brass, organ and mixed choir.
Ragnar Bohlin, conductor
December 22,23 and 24
Read more about it and order tickets online!

Live broadcast on Swedish Radio (SRP2)
on December 19, 8.30 pm (local time)
Toccata and Fugue on B.A.C.H
Lars G Fredriksson, organ

Magnificat will have a Canadian premiere on
December 9, 3 pm, in the church of St Andrew
and St Paul, Montreal, Quebeck.
The performance will also be broadcast via EBU
throughout Europe on December 16 at 11 pm.

Fredrik Sixten is appointed as the new Cathedral Organist
in Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway. He will
begin his new position in April 2013.
He will be the new conductor for Nidaros Cathedral Choir
as well as the Oratorio Choir.

Good reviews in Svd (major newspaper in Sweden)
of the new record “A Swedish Christmas Oratorio”

Read the review (in Swedish)

4 performances of my Magnificat will
go off on December 5, 8 and 9 with Chorus Lin
and Östgöta musikens brass ensemble in
Linköping Sweden. Conductor is Anna-Carin Strand

2 performances of A Swedish Christman Oratorio
will take place in Stockholm (Nacka church) December 6 and in
Härnösands cathedral December 16
A broadcast will also take place on December 2 in USA
at 12, noon, US central time


There is no Rose of such vertu will be heard on
several venues in USA and in Sweden.
LIsten to performance in San Francisco!



Good reviews on the first performance:
Read the review from Sundsvall- (in Swedish)

Good reviews from the second performance:
Read the review from Härnösands Cathedral- (in Swedish)

My Requiem will be performed at two concerts
with the famous Swedish Radio Choir and The Nordic
Chamber Orchestra. Karin Ingebäck, soprano solo and
Anders Larsson, bass solo. Ragnar Bohlin, conductor.
Listen to the live broadcast at 7 pm local time or
1 pm (US Eastern time)

A retransmission will take place on November 11,
9.30 pm. (or 3.30 pm US Eastern time)

The Requiem will also be performed in Stockholm
November 11 at Vantörs Church.

Read more about it!



On October 21 the composer celebrate his
50 th anniversary.
Fredrik Sixten – 50 years!

A Swedish Christmas Oratorio
is now out for sale.
Sofia Vocal ensembleCappella Nordica
Helena Ek, soprano solo
Bengt Ollén, conductor

Buy it online for non Swedish customer!

or from here:
Buy it on line for Swedish customer

The Swedish Radio just declared that they will do
a live broadcast from the first of two performances
of Requiem in November 1, 7 pm.
Channel SR P2 LIve

New edition out:
Unforgotten for mixed choir a cappella
Buy online!

A new great review on the CD “A Spotless Rose”
with Sofia Vocal ensemble singing:
There is no Rose of such Vertu and
Mary´s Lullaby
The review is published by
the Internantional Choral Bullentin (IFCM)




The international performer Stephen Tharp
from New York performs Triptyche
at a concert in Duisburg, Germany on September 30

Magnificat for mixed choir, organ
and brass ensemble (3 trp, 3 trb and Tuba)
in Denmark September 23. It´s at the opening
concert for a big choir and music festival in Aarhus.
Read more!

Two World premieres in September:

1. Psalm 150 (Praise ye the Lord)
for 2 Trumpets, Choir and Organ
Nacka Chamber Choir
Gunilla Tornving, organ
Per Rönnblom, conductor
cka Church, Stockholm, September 2, 11 am

2. Toccata and Fugue on B.A.C.H
for organ solo
Lars G Fredriksson, organ
Härnösand Cathedral, September 9, 6 pm
(Recording by Swedish Radio for later broadcast)

Several upcoming editions on Gehrmans:

In the bleak Midwinter for chorus and piano
with both English and Swedish lyrics.
Buy online!


Valse Romantique for violin and piano
Buy online!


Se ur den frusna marken a hymn from
A Swedish Christmas Oratorio
a cappella or
with optional organ or piano
Buy online!



New CD out which include a piece for mixed choir and
instruments Ett litet stycke bröd (A little piece of bread)
The album is called “Andats djupt” (Deep breath) and are
performed by singers and instrumentalists from Farsta parish
in Stockholm. Conductor is Mathias Ekström-Koij
Click here to order a CD and to read more about it!

World premiere of Valse Romantique for
violin and piano. Ida Sundell and Sofia Rentzhog are
responsible for the first performance in Brunskogs Church
in Sweden on July 25

The world famous professor Hans Fagius takes on
my music at several occassions this summer and fall.
June 26 and July 1 he plays Variations for organ
in Åhus and Falkenberg, Sweden
August 20 in Lunds Cathedral he
perform: Prelude & Fugue as well as
Ordrup outside Copenhagen, Denmark, October 4.
In Incheon in Korea he then returns on the scene
with Variations for organ

American premiere of my Requiem will
be at St Peters Church, New York on June 8th at 8 pm.
Sonus chamber choir, Erik Ochsner, conductor.

Read more about the program here!

A completely new set of liturgical music for
The Church of Sweden has now being introduced.
Fredrik Sixten is represented with brand new settings
for the Sunday Mass.

Signed contracts for the following editions later on
Gehrmans this year:
Unforgotten for mixed choir a cappella
In the bleak midwinter for mixed choir and organ/piano

Nacka Chamber choir performs Jubilate Deo
and Ave Maris Stella during a tour in

A Swedish Christmas Oratorio will be recorded
in Stockholm for an upcoming Cd-release this fall.
Sofia Vocal Ensemble and orchestra.
Helena Ek, soprano solo. Bengt Ollén, conductor


New editions:

Three haiku poems for choir a cappella
is released on Gehrmans.

Passacaglia for organ

Read more on Gehrmans news site!

New commission:
Praise Ye the Lord (Psalm 150)
for 2 Trumpets, Choir (SATB) and organ.
Commissioned by Nacka Church for their
opening cermony of the new choir organ
which will be installed during this summer.
Premiere in September!

The San Francisco State University Choir
made the American premiere of Peace
in March and will performing it at a concert at
St Dominic´s Church, San Francisco, USA.
April 14. 8 pm.

The English organist James Luxton performs
Hymn at the famous organ at Alexandra Palace
in London, UK, April 12. The organ is acknowledged
for being one of the best instruments of our time
by Marcel Dupré.

Radio broadcast of the two Swedish premieres of
The Canticle of the Sun and
Passacaglia for organ solo and interviews
with the composer and the performer
James D Hicks, organ.

Listen online!




Magnificat wil be performed at Växjö Cathedral

4 performances of Passacaglia
in Sollefteå, Härnösand, Örnsköldsvik and Östersund.

The Swedish Radio recorded a concert with
the new commission The Canticle of the Sun
and Passacaglia on March 4.
The broadcast will be April 11 at 7.30 (SRP2)



Two world premieres at Princeton University Chapel,
New Jersey, USA:

Canticle of the sun for two sopranos
and organ
Passacaglia for organ solo

Live broadcast on WWFM 89.1

Both pieces are commissioned by
Dr. James D Hicks who also perform
the world premiere together with Elise Figa
and Virginia Hicks, soprano.


Great news!!!
The Swedish Radio Choir and The Nordic
Chamber Orchestra will perform Requiem
in November at two venues.
Ragnar Bohlin, present Music Director of
the San Francisco Symphony Chorus,
as conductor.

The world famous professor Hans Fagius
performs Variations for organ
in Lund, Sweden, January 15, 5 pm

My Sonata for guitar solo will
be on the program with the guitarist
John Alexander Elénius at Härnösand
Cathedral, January 22, 6 pm.

NEWS 2011


Stockholm Chamber Choir just added
a video on YouTube from their Christmas
Concert in The German Church, Stockholm
performing: Marias Wiegenlied
Solist: Jelena Jovanovic Bakupoulou
Dirigent: Jerica Gregorc Bukovec

Watch the performance!

On December 18 there will be
two world premieres on a new setting
of the famous lyrics In the bleak midwinter

a version for tenor, boysoprano and organ
is launched on You Tube
and an orchestral version is performed
in Sofia Church, Stockholm

Three versions of:
is performed in Sweden, Germany and USA
during December.


In a Live broadcast on Swedish Television November 27, 10 am
the following music will occur :
Ropa ut din glädje dotter Sion
Domus Domini
Psalm 98

The Cathedral choir, The Weber String quartet
and Helena Ek, soprano solo.
The composer himself as conductor.

Regenburger Kammerchor performs Ave maris Stella
at two concerts in Regensburg and Ingolstadt, Germany
Read more on their website!

The Jubille String quartet, is 1st Prize winners of the
Val Tidone International Chamber Music Competition,
the Jubilee quartet was formed in 2006 at the Royal
Academy of Music, London, performs
Chaconne at a venue in London
November 25, 7 pm. The Forge
Violin I Tereza Privratska
Violin II Alanna Tonetti-Tieppo
Viola Stephanie Edmundson
Cello Lauren Steel

Read more about this event!

LIve broadcast on Swedish Radio (SRP2)
from the concert at Berwaldhallen (The Berwald Hall)
in Stockholm with the Swedish Radio Choir and
Kungsholmens Musikgymnasiums Kammarkör
November 19, 3 pm where they perfom Peace

Listen to the broadcast!

Peace for mixed chorus a cappella.
Dedicated to the victims of the horrible Norwegian massacre
July 22. The piece was premiered in Sicily, September 23, 2011
Buy the score!

New record with Sofia Vocal ensemble
performing Mary´s Lullaby and
There is no Rose of such vertu
The release is set to November 7th

Read more!


will be perfomed in Scotland
this year after the success in Germany last year.
The Stonehaven Chorus and Aberdeen Sinfonietta
gives the second performance in Scotland ever
at St Machar´s Cathedral in Aberdeen under
the direction of John Hearne.

My latest work for choir: Peace which
were premiered in Italy earlier in September
gets new performances in Stockholm:
November 10: Kungsholmens Church
November 19: Berwald Hall (Concert Hall)
The piece will be published at Gehrmans
and available anytime now.

The Italian organist, Simone Gheller
has released two recordings of the following
works for organ:



Variations for organ gets
performances in Norway as well as in Sweden
by two prominent organists;
Fredrik Albertsson and Guy Poupart.


The composer makes two major recitals
at Gothenburg Cathedral 22/10 at noon 12
and the day before at an ungoing organ festival
at Uddevalla Church, 21/10 – 7 pm.
TheOrgan Sonata is in focus together with
other pieces like Toccata Festival
and Triptyche


Maxine Thevenot, a Canadian born organist performs
Toccata Festival
in Missouri, USA

October 25 – The composer holds a lecture
about his music for the choir conductors students
at the University of Gothenburg.

The famous vocal ensemble Josquin de Prés
performs O Sacrum Con Vivium
in Nürnberg, October 15.

Read more about this event!

Listen to an excerpt and read the score!

Sofia Vocal Ensemble performs There is no
Rose of such vertu
on the Annual Swedish
Choral Conductors Convention in Falun, Sweden

World premiere on “Unforgotten by
Vancouver Chamber Chorus which also
commissioned the piece. Jon Washburn, conductor.

Read more about this event!

The Composer makes 2 recitals with
a selection of his organ works in
Gothenburg Cathedral (22/10) and in
Uddevalla Church (21/10)



Peace is a brand new piece for
chorus a cappella, written in memory of those who died
in the Norwegian massacre July 23.
The Stockholm Musikgymnasium Chamber Choir
will premiere the piece in:
Cagliari Basilica di San Saturnino
September 23, 9 pm, Sicily, ITALY

and on the following two occasions:
Tortolì Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea
September 24, 9 pm, Sicily, ITALY

Gavoi Chiesa di San Gavino Martire
September 25, 9 pm, Sicily, ITALY

New edition on Gehrmans:
“Nu sjunger änglar”
for Choir (SAB) and piano
Buy here!



New commission from the Church of Sweden.
A complete set of liturgical music for the
Sunday morning services.

New excellent review of my latest CD: Jubilate
in the latest edition of Kyrkomusikernas Tidning
(Church Musicians Magazine) Go to “Press” and
read the review. It´s in Swedish.

2 New Commissions:

1. Canticle of the Sun for 2 sopranos and organ
2. Passacaglia for organ
Commissioned by Dr. James D Hicks, New Jersey, USA
Premiere at Princeton University Chapel, February 23, 2012

Erling A Thomsen, cathedral organist in Aalborg, Denmark,
performs Variations for organand it will be the
Danish premiere for the piece! August 6, 12.15 pm
Read more about the event here!

Roger Fisher, a distinguished organist from UK,
performs my Organ Sonata in the big
Chester Cathedral during a lunch recital on August 4, 13.10 pm

The Swedish Organist, Fredrik Albertsson, will performe
Variations for organ at 4 recitals i both
Sweden and Germany

One of my two publishers, Wessmans, have a 45% discount
on their organ editions.
The following two items is available:
Mourning Blues

Prelude et Fugue

Note: The prize will be reduced on the bill!

World premiere of Bist du bei mir
commissioned by Aalborg Cathedral.
July 13th 7.30 pm, DENMARK
Mathias Hedegaard, tenor solo
Erling A Thomsen, organ
At the same concert Mr. Thomsen also will be
performing HYMN and TANGO
for organ solo. The concert will be repeated
the next day at Uggerby kirke, July 14th, 7.30.

World famous Professor Margaret Philipps performs
Prelude et Fugue
in Westminster Abbey, London, UK, July 12, 7 pm!

Swedish Radio broadcast of There is no Rose of such vertu
Saturday, June 25th, 3 pm Listen here!

Dr. James D Hicks, presents my organ music at the
American Guild of Organist Convention in Morristown,
New Jersey USA July 5th. One of the pieces is
Variations for organ which
Mr. Hicks commissioned 2008 and premiered at Princeton
University chapel in March 2010. This piece was also included
on his latest CD project called “Nodic Journey”
The CD is available to buy online:
Mp-3 download

But the double CD

The convention lasts between July 3-6.

The american organist Dr Maxine Thevenot performs
Toccata Festival during an Organ Festival at St. Philip´s
Cathedral in Atlanta, USA
Read about the whole festival here!

The Swedish baritone soloist, Patrik Sandin and
Rolf Lindblom, piano, performs
Three Songs
with lyrics by Stig Dagerman at a
Festival in Hildesheim, Germany
Read more!

The International Orange Choral make two performances of
O Sacrum Con Vivium in San Francisco.
Read more about these two events!

Brenda Lynn Leach performs Tango and
Wachet Auf
(Hymn Prelude) at Methuan Memorial Music Hall,
Massachusetts, USA
Read More!

Contract signed for two performances of my Requiem
with The Nordic Chamber Orchestra in the fall 2012
Mr. Ragnar Bohlin, Music Director of the San Francisco
Symphony Chorus will present my music at the
34th annuel conference: “Chorus America”June 8-11
in San Francisco, USA

Two Brand New Editions out on Gehrmans:
Three Sacred Dances for SSAA and piano (or piano+string quartet)

You can buy the score

Mesto for Viola & Piano

Buy the score here!

World premiere of
by Sofia Vocal Enemble,
June 9th, 8 pmSofia Church, Stockholm

2X O Sacrum Con Vivium in San Francisco!
The International Orange Choral, June 17&18


Good reviews from an organ recital I did in Örnsköldsviks Church.

World famous concert organist Stephen Tharp, New York,
performs Triptyche May 22 at Park Ridge, Illinois. USA
Read more about this extraordinary artist!

The Swedish Music High School Chamber Choir participates in
the International Choral Festivalin Cork , Irland with my piece:
Ave Verum CorpusThey won Second Prize!
Watch and Listen to the performance!


Leipziger Vocalensemble performs Agnus Deiin St. Thomas Church,
Leipzig on Good Friday, 3 pm.A very prestigious performance!

Sofia Vocal ensemble, Stockholm won the Grand Prix 11th
International Choral Competition i Maribor, Slovenia singing my
piece by heart:“There is no Rose of such vertu” – great news!
Listen to the winning performance!
Buy the brand new edition!

Three performances of my most
performed oratorio sofar:
April 17 Kristianstads Heliga Trefaldighets kyrka
Read more about the event!

April 17 Markus Church, Skapnäck, Stockholm
Read more about this event!
April 10 Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway
Read more about this event!


Good reviews on the new CD “Jubilate”
Read more! Review no 1

Read more! Review no 2

The Album “Mysterium” with my music
for choir a cappella and with organ/piano
and A Swedish St Mark Passion
is now accessible on Spotify

The Italian organist Massimo Nosetti
will perform Tango for organ
in Evenstone, Illinois, USA on March 28
Read more!

New edition on Gehrmans: Sonata for Guitar
will be released during March!
Buy Online!

New Record Release on Naxos
on March 21th
Mikaeli Chamber Choir sings Sixten
on this CD called “Jubilate”

Read more!


Ave Verum Corpus
will be performed in Milano, Italy
by Ensemble vocale Calycanthus
Pietro Ferrario, dir
Tempio civico San Sebastiano, February 20, 3.30 pm

Watch a new video with my latest piece for choir!

St.Petri Singers performs SONG OF SONGS
in St Caroli Church, Malmö February 20 at 6 pm.
Alexander Einarsson, conductor
Johan Rosqvist, baritone solo
and Peter Wallin, organ.

Sofia Vocal Ensemble will record their coming CD
including two pieces: Mary´s Lullaby and
There is no Rose of such vertu and
expecting the release to be later this year.

Participating in Chor-Leiter Forum in Limburg, Germany
as one of two composers in residence between
February 4-6
Junges Vokalensemble Hannover performs
Ave Maris Stella, Ave Verum Corpus & Osanna in excelsis
in a concert in Evangelisches Kirche, Limburg, during
the Chor-Leiter Forum,

I´ m invited to give lectures about my
music at a conference in Sigtuna,
Stockholm called “Winter meeting”. January 10, 11 and 12.
Read more here about the event!


NEWS 2010


Good reviews of:

A Swedish Christmas Oratorio

and one more review!


CD SALE at Naxos:

Mysterium, music for Choir

A Swedish St Mark Passion



5/12 7 pm Nacka Church, Stockholm

16/12 7 pm Gustav Adolf Church, Sundsvall

17/12 7 pm Säbrå Church, Härnösand

Read more about the event here!



“There is no Rose of such vertu”
Commissioned and performed by:
Sofia Vocal Ensemble
Bengt Ollén: conductor
in Sofia Church, Stockholm
5 December, 6 pm

Go to the menue “Works/Listen” and listen to an excerpt!



New Cd´s available on Itunes:




In Germany with Leipziger Vocal Ensemble
and Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra
November 19 Leipzig (Petrus Kirche)
November 21 Munich (Icking)

In Stockholm, Sweden with
Sofia Church Chorus and Chamber Orchestra.
Jeanette Köhn is singing the solo soprano.
(She performed at the Royal Wedding earlier
this year)
November 20, 3 pm, Sofia Church, Stockholm

Premiere of Sonata for Violin and Piano
composed 1985.

Ulf Carlson, violin
Wilhelm Schaaf, piano

Four performances in:

9/11 Vänersborg (premiere) 7.30 pm
11/11 Kramfors 8 pm
13/11 Sundsvall 1 pm
14/11 Härnösand 6 pm

The official recording of St Mark Passion
is now out on Itunes


I m invited to Lidköping to play the organ
and conduct the choir October 24, 6 pm.
Ave Verum Corpus, Laudate Domine,
and other works.
Read more!


in Sollentuna, outside Stockholm,
with Edsberg s Church Choir,
Ulla-Carin Börjesdotter, soprano solo
Chamber orchestra
Birgitta Höök-Seuffert, conductor
Edsberg s Church, 7 pm, October 24

Stockholm Vocalis performs
at St Jacob`s Church in Stockholm city
Conductor: Helene Stureborg

The organist Per Ahlman performs
my Organ Sonata at The Holy Trinity Church
in Gävle on my birthday: October 21 at Noon,
(Lunch recital)

Canadian premiere
on Ave Verum Corpus
with Vancouver Chamber Choir
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
8:00 p.m. Friday, 15th October 2010


Tango for organ is released
on a new CD with Brenda Lynne Leach, organ
Read More!

New releases on Gehrmans:


World premiere of
for choir soprano solo and organ
Morristown Presbyterian Church
September 19, 11 am

Professor Anders Eby, conductor
will record my second CD with my choral music
between 3-5 september in Stockholm

The new record (release 2011) will
have the following content:

Magnificatfor choir, brass & organ
Clap your hands for choir, organ & percussion
Let there be for choir and percussion
Psalm 98 for soprano solo, choir & organ
Song of Songs for baritone solo, choir & organ
Tantum Ergo for choir and soprano solo
Agnus Dei for choir a cappella
Jubilate Deo for choir a cappella
Osanna in excelsis for double choir a cappella
Ave Maris Stella for choir a cappella



I am invited to hold a lecture about my music
for chorus and orchester as well as chorus a cappella
during the ABCD.convention 27-28-29 August
at Stirling University, Glasgow.
Read More!




New record out with:

Prelude et Fugue
Messa Misteriosa (Complete and revised version)
Variations (Premiere recording)

James D Hicks, organ

Read more and buy online!


12 different settings for chorus a cappella, with flute and piano
and with organ. On Swedish Radio June 26&27 10am<ahref=”″>

Read more !

New scores out on Gehrmans!

– for brass instruments, organ and chorus

Clap your hands (Klappa händer alla folk)
– for organ, percussion (2 players) and chorus


I recieve the Stockholm Music Association Prize for
composers on May 28 in Stockholm.
Read more!

Brussel Chamber Choir performes Mariahymn at two
concert scalled “Northern Lights”
Read more!

The eminent ensemble SOVE (Sofia vocal ensemble)
performs Jubilate Deo at three occasions, both in Polen
and in Sweden. Bengt Ollén, conductor

Read more!

Swedish Radio records 12 settings
for chorus and instruments on May 8.
Cathedral Choir
Broadcast on June 26 and 27, 10 am

Swedish Television records Tango
for organ from Härnösands Cathedral
and myself at the organ.
Broadcast on June 5, 5.50 pm


New video about me as a composer made by
my publisher Gehrmans.

Watch the video!


11/4 4 pm
Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco
Let there be (World premiere!)
for Choir and percussion
Commissioned by the San Francisco Symphony
San Francisco Symphony Chorus
Ragnar Bohlin, conductor

Read the very good reviews!

The American organist Brenda Leach is recording
Tango for organ on her new upcoming CD
Read more!

The Italian organist, professor Massimo Nosetti,
performs the Triptyche in USA and Canada during
an organ tour .
Read more!

New video about the CD release including
the world premiere recording of Variations
for organ and Messa Misteriosa.
Read more!

New pieces for solo flute published on Gehrmans
Tre Cantilene for solo flute



6/3 5 pm, Princeton University Chapel, New Jersey
Dr. James D. Hicks will perform the world premiere of
Variations for organ.

Radio Interview with James D Hicks.

29/3 8.30 pm, German Church, Athens, GREECE

for organ
Christos Paraskevopoulos,organ

A staged performance by Director Wilhelm Carlsson

performances in Nacka Church, Stockholm:
26/3 7 pm (premiere)
27/3 3 & 7 pm
28/3 3 & 7 pm

27/3 4.30 pm there will be an interview with both the director and composer by the Swedish Tv-profile Lotta Bouvin Sundberg
Location: Nacka Parish House, next to Nacka church

Other upcoming performances of

14/2 6 pm
Härnösand Cathedral
14/3 4.30 pm
Holy Trinity Church, Gävle
28/3 4 pm
Mark church, Björkhagen, Stockholm
28/3 6 pm
Holy Trinity Church, Kristianstad
16/5 6 pm
Umeå City Church



11-12/2 Uppsala
I participated at THE FORUM for CHURCH MUSIC
in Uppsala. The assistant organist of Uppsala Cathedral,
Andrew Canning, presented four of my organ pieces at the new

Alastair Johnston introduces the music of Fredrik Sixten in the February edition
of the magazine Organist´s Review.

12/2 6 pm
Härnösand Cathedral
Domus Domini (world premiere)
Lyrics by Bishop Jonas Jonson
for Choir, Congregation and organ
Cathedral Choir
Lars G Fredriksson,
Fredrik Sixten, conductor

22/2 7.30 pm
Professor Hans Fagius, organ,
performed my Triptyche at the Royal Danish Academy of Music
Concert Hall, Julius Thomsens Gade 1


The American organist, James D. Hicks recorded three organ pieces wich will be included on his forthcoming organ CD. (Release during April on the label Pro Organo)
The CD is recorded at Linköping´s Cathedral on the great Setterqvist-organ, built 1929,
61 stops, three manual and pedal
Read more about this forthcoming CD release!.


These three works for organ are included:
Prelude & Fugue
Messa Misteriosa
Variations for organ
(World premiere recording)

New scores released & published by Gehrmans:

Osanna In Excelsis for double mixed chorus

Three Cantilene for solo flute

Ave Maris Stella for mixed chorus

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